This is a brief statement from Yin Xiao about this website, our treatment of user data, and our country of web hosting and domain registration.

Last Update: 21 December, 2021

The website and all of the graphics and imagery on this website are properties of Yin Xiao, the artist, and his eponymous company ("The Artist," or "The Company," or "Our Company," or "Us," or "We"). No one has permission to reproduce or use Our graphics or images without written consent from Our Company.

Our domain, registered by and VADIAN.NET AG, is subject to Swiss data regulations. You can find more information in their Impressum.

This website is hosted and built using software made available by Webflow in the United States. Yin Xiao is not aware of any data collection from Webflow, or their partners. In addition, We do not actively collect or store any data from our users. You can read Webflow's Privacy Statements.

Payments through our store utilize Stripe or PayPal technologies to process user payments. We do not store or collect any financial data of our customers, but may store contact and mailing address data of our purchasing customers.

If you would like to learn about how the payment processors utilize your data, see Stripe and PayPal.

As for EU data regulations, our site is not yet GDPR compliant due to the lack of cookies consent widgets included on this site. We are working to implement the necessary GDPR compliant cookie consent widgets in the near future.

This site, the icons, and the photography were designed or created by j. bilhan for Yin Xiao. The typographic styles used throughout the branding are: Neue Haas Unica designed by Team 77' and licensed Monotype and Adobe for English script; and Adobe Song by Adobe Originals for Chinese script. The Icons are original type illustrations were designed and created by j. bilhan.

Returns policy: For up to two years from purchase, and in the event of manufacture defect, we request clients to return the items to us in China for repair or replacement. We are not able to refund payments for any purchased items but can consider store credit. In the event of a returns request, we are not able to refund postage to or from China or local taxes if incurred.

For questions, please contact Us at